Has years of sitting taken it’s toll on your physical health? Life is like a marathon. The cumulative effects of prolonged setting working at a computer terminal can and will lead to chronic pain. Our daily lives are like an athletic event, even though they may be less dramatic. There are daily physical challenges that each of us must face in our occupations.

Commercial driving is another example of sitting day after day that will have major adverse effects on a person physical well-being. A heavy lifting job requirements without the proper warm-up takes its toll on the body. It is our personal responsibility to get home safe and in sound physical condition. But, the average worker does not take into accounts this daily grind on the body.

“Core Training” is the definition of essential practices we are looking for. Joseph Pilates was a cigar smoking boxer, acrobat, and gymnast. Many articles on the subject feature lithe female bodies as it appeals strictly to women and aerobic exercise academies. But, Joseph Pilates developed his exercise program for men first. Joseph Pilates studied the drawings and texts of ancient Greece when he developed his system.

• Pilates promote a healthy spine
• Demand that you focus your attention on the process of exercising
• Initiate all movements from you center

Pilates, martial arts, yoga, the Olympiads, and dance all have core training as its key. But, golf will also benefit from core training. You simply must have core strength to be a powerful and explosive athlete. To have that vibrant youthful resiliency, you must have core strength.

Let’s face it to enjoy your spare time you must get into some sort of physical training routine. You must develop this arduous zest for life deep in the central heart of your being. This zeal for life must be in your purpose. The essential practices of your purpose must be an athlete endeavor. We must be faithful to our practices and teach the essentials to all who would benefit.

All of these practices are going mainstream. Chi development is becoming part of our contemporary vocabulary. It originated in the martial arts focusing on punching and kicking. Longevity practices also utilizes chi development. Core training is not a fad. It is a proven, time-tested, universal training principle.

Any, and everybody can stay healthy and fit. How do we as a community all come together to create a healthy environment as defined in Core Training? Using the Pilates method of engaging the “powerhouse”, is Joseph Pilates term for the abdominals, hips, lower back muscles, and buttocks; and integrating all other body parts from this core.

• Cardio
• Stretching
• Strength and Foundation Stabilization
• Speed Development

These essential benefits help you to function with your optimum efficiency. It allows you to function as an organic whole, not overt, unnecessary tension that stems from the ego. If your core is weak, other areas outside the core have to compensate. Don’t be a casual observer while life passes you by.

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