Have you ever wondered if what you know about yoga chairs is accurate? Consider the following paragraphs and compare what you know to the latest info.

Think about what you have read so far. Does it reinforce what you already know about yoga chairs? Or was there something completely new? What about the remaining paragraphs?

Yoga chairs are of course, chairs used for exercises for yoga, a fitness craze that has been sweeping across the ranks of senior citizens and people with low general mobility. Before we can discuss any further, we should first discuss the exercise for which yoga chairs are used.

It is the gentlest form of yoga. It makes use of chairs (basically any sturdy chair that does not move). The student uses the chair for support, to stand on, or for sitting- whatever a particular exercise demands at a certain time.

It is not a traditional form of yoga and consequently may not be seen as “real” yoga by some practitioners. The Asanas, or yoga stances and exercises are by and large, derived from Hatha Yoga.

The use of chair in yoga is widely practiced in retirement homes, adult day-care centers, and senior fitness centers. This has led to the perception that it is only for senior citizens and that it was developed only for them.

On the contrary, anyone can practice yoga with chair if they are so inclined. There are students of all ages and all the spectrum of capabilities who use the practice to be able to reap some of its benefits. Conditions helped by chair are numerous, from depression to hypertension, from vertigo to carpal tunnel syndrome.

Between Yoga Chairs and Asanas

Chairs are used in the facilitating of the Asanas the students take. These are particularly important for practitioners who suffer from disabilities or mobility problems.

These will help the student keep balance, prevent them from exerting undue effort, and keep them from experiencing strain that they would otherwise feel if they were to eschew the use of them. Many Asanas can be adopted to make use of a chair.

These are often used with yoga mats in order to perform some Asanas. However this is not the case in many classes as some classes are composed primarily of students with movement problems so severe that they have trouble getting off of a floor from a prone or supine position. In these classes, stances that involve sitting are most likely to be practiced.

Specialized yoga chairs are available that claim to have benefits but some of these claims are spurious and unproven. Care should be taken in purchasing a specialized chair as they may cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars and not give back any concrete benefits to the user.

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