When it comes to losing weight, fitness and eating right are the two things that you need to rely on most heavily. Fitness training is all about doing the right exercises that will boost your metabolism, cause your heart to beat faster, and force your body to burn the excess weight. Eating right ensures that your body won’t pack on the pounds as you are exercising, and will provide you with the energy you need to lose weight through your exercise.

When determining how much weight you need to lose, you should check your Body Mass Index. Your BMI will tell you what percentage of body fat you have, and this can help you know just how overweight you really are. If you are within your normal weight range, you have nothing to worry about and can go about your life and simply focus on eating healthier and doing the right exercise. If you are above the correct range, it’s time to get down to business and start losing some weight.

The Basal Metabolic Rate will help you know how fast your metabolism runs, and thus can tell you how many calories your body can burn every day. The higher your BMR, the more you can eat without gaining weight, as your body will simply convert all of the calories into energy. Finding out your BMR can help you to know what the optimum number of calories is for you to eat every day, and thus you can know how much you need to moderate your food intake in order for you to actually lose weight.

You can use the Harris Benedict Formula that you can find online to help you determine how many calories your metabolism burns every day, and that will be the number that will be the food consumption if you were healthy. Remove 500 calories from the number you should eat every day, and eating that many calories less will help you to lose weight in a healthy way. You can then plan your weekly menu around eating that many calories per day, and thus you will begin to lose weight.

The fitness training aspect of the weight loss should not be glossed over, and you need to start getting out of your living room to do exercise. You should get out and walk, run, hit the gym, take martial arts, attend dance classes, practice Yoga, or any other form of exercise that gets your heart pumping and your blood flowing.

If you want to truly achieve weight loss, the best type of exercise to do is a combination of muscle building and cardiovascular exercises. The cardiovascular workout will get your heart pumping and will start the fat burning process, and the muscle building exercises will turn your fat into muscle. Muscle burns far more energy than fat does, and by building muscles you can help to reduce your BMI while boosting your BMR and losing weight effectively.

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