Performing Yoga With Weights

Yoga has been known for decades as an important form of exercise and breathing techniques. But yoga with weights is a combination of two powerful, time-tested exercise systems. Winner of ‘Mr. America’ title Walt Baptiste was a bodybuilder who won this contest in 1949. He had an interesting yoga journey, one that combines yoga with weights. Walt started as a bodybuilder and later incorporated yoga into his exercise program. Instead of moaning & groaning and straining himself in his body building workouts, Walt discovered how to apply breathing techniques in his exercise regime and practice yoga along with his weight training. Thus the concept of weight yoga took birth.

Working out with weights is one of the best ways to achieve overall physical fitness, and yoga known for its benefits for personal development. By combining yoga with weights it not only addresses the needs of your body but it also goes beyond the physical dimension of your well-being. It helps you cultivate peak performance and achieve higher quality of life.

Yoga with weights consists of 1,3 or 5 pounds of weights on your ankles or wrists. The weights
Alleviate your body and help you achieve higher levels of physical benefits. It’s not just a tool to lose weight but also helps your body mind and spirit beyond comprehension. Practicing yoga regularly can be a way of your well being and help you discover your true self through this journey.


Essential Practices to Stay Fit and Healthy

Has years of sitting taken it’s toll on your physical health? Life is like a marathon. The cumulative effects of prolonged setting working at a computer terminal can and will lead to chronic pain. Our daily lives are like an athletic event, even though they may be less dramatic. There are daily physical challenges that each of us must face in our occupations.

Commercial driving is another example of sitting day after day that will have major adverse effects on a person physical well-being. A heavy lifting job requirements without the proper warm-up takes its toll on the body. It is our personal responsibility to get home safe and in sound physical condition. But, the average worker does not take into accounts this daily grind on the body.

“Core Training” is the definition of essential practices we are looking for. Joseph Pilates was a cigar smoking boxer, acrobat, and gymnast. Many articles on the subject feature lithe female bodies as it appeals strictly to women and aerobic exercise academies. But, Joseph Pilates developed his exercise program for men first. Joseph Pilates studied the drawings and texts of ancient Greece when he developed his system.


Fitness and Beauty Are in Your Own Hands

Most of us remain in awe of the amazing fitness levels and beautiful faces of Hollywood celebrities but very few ever pause for a moment to think how hard they work to maintain themselves. If actresses and dancers look great, it is because of their hard work, dedication, and the strong will power to not give in to the temptations of daily life and not because of the beauty products that they endorse to earn money. Seeing these models and actresses in the advertisements of beauty products, most people think that they too can look beautiful if they start to use these products. This is an illusion that sustains the beauty industry and helps in sales of billions of dollars of these products.

Beauty is reflected from one’s health and fitness

You look your best when you are healthy and fit. High fitness levels of body and mind are reflected in the not just the agility and stretchability of a person but also his personality and appearance. Many men and women believe that they can become beautiful by talking all those beauty treatments that are being advertised by salons and spas. It is this belief and the gullibility of the people that has led to a mushrooming of these centers in every nook and corner of the major cities of the country.


Fitness Tips to Stay Fit and in Shape

Fitness has become the top most priority for everyone, today with the growing instances of lifestyle related diseases around us. Keeping yourself fit helps you counter health risks and stay in shape. Fitness plans are available in galore around you so find an ideal fitness regimen that suits you and stick to it. Try a few fitness tips like,

Diet control

Eat a balanced diet and include more fruit and vegetable servings in your daily diet. Opt for fiber rich foods, whole grains, skimmed milk, lean meat, fish and low fat cheese among others. Avoid eating junk food and fried items.


Keeping Fit With Yoga Basics

In Sanskrit language the word yoga means union or addition of two or more things. The term is used in today`s terminology pertains to forms of exercises, postures and poses which helps one in the union of spirit, body and mind. Yoga basics help one in understanding the different forms of asana and postures which are beneficial for your health and helps in your spiritual and mental development.

Yoga basics include the technique of meditative breathing which is by far the most important part of yoga exercises. Yoga has a synonym in Asana which is one of the most important forms of Yoga and is directed towards the physical benefits, while few other forms are aimed at development of an individual with respect to mental and spiritual benefits.

Apart from the numerous health benefits, Yoga basics are also instrumental in helping you achieve a state of relaxation and in the overall well being of your body. The stretching exercises involved in yoga strengthen the body and makes it flexible. Although there are several difficult asanas and poses, the simple ones are good enough to help you attain the much needed flexibility and health.